Monday, 22 April 2013

Your skin type & how to do a mini-facial at home...

Skin types can be confusing and can seem to change depending on a variety of circumstances, but in fact your skin type remains the same throughout your life (although it does tend to dry a little with age). What changes is the internal and external stresses on your skin that cause it to look or act a certain way.

I encourage you to get in touch and book a free consultation with me (in person or by Skype) so we can discuss your skin type, the challenges you face and what products you use… in the meantime here’s a little chart to help you self-analyse:

Did you know?
Around 90% of the population thinks they have sensitive skin but you may just have sensitised skin. Your red, dry or delicate skin could be due to environmental factors such as a change in weather, pollution, sunburn, poor diet, chemical preservatives and stress. The symptoms are very similar and, whilst you cannot change your skin type (dry, sensitive, oily, combination) you can help sensitised skin start to recover by improving the general health of your skin. Overcleansing or harsh products will make it worse but regular facials and gentle organic skincare routines can make it better.
The same goes for dry vs. dehydrated skin – as we age our skin gets dehydrated as the fats in the stratum corneum (the first level of the dermis underneath the epidermis) decline. The same environmental factors that cause sensitised skin also cause skin to become dehydrated. Dry skins we can soothe, dehydrated skins we can totally repair!
Suffer from oily or acne-prone skin? The two don’t necessarily go together but 85% of adults will suffer with acne at some point not to mention teens, and the culprit is usually an oilier skin. Rather than harsh chemicals or treatments which can actually increase sebum production and make things worse, we use the key stages of exfoliation, extractions and certain masques and massage oils to help get your skin under control.

So, now you have an idea of your skin type, watch these videos to see how best to treat your skin at home, firstly with a deep cleanse:!

Or if you’d like a full length bespoke organic facial performed by a professional, look no further than


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