Friday, 12 April 2013

My 5 top tips for your skin in hard weather... brrrr...

Whether it's cold, wet, snowy or less than Spring-like (something I think will resonate with most of the country at the moment!), these tips will help you protect your skin and look & feel fabulous...

1. Obviously you wrap your body up warm in cosy coats and scarves when you go outside but it's important not to forget about protecting your face and hands too. Try putting a really nourishing hand cream on before you put your gloves on every time you leave the house (I recommend our Citrus Hand Softener) and make sure you're using a facial oil or serum in addition to your regular facial moisturiser to ensure your skin is hydrated and protected deep-down. NYR do lots of different ones but my favourite is the Frankincense anti-ageing facial oil.

2. Central heating on high? Taking hot showers or baths to warm up? There's nothing worse for drying out your skin leading to split cuticles, dry spots, itchy and flaky skin patches... NOT a good look. Try taking a cooler shower or bath, adding some essential oil drops to the water to nourish the skin and soothe the mind (I like the Calming blend) and applying a luxurious body lotion every day - for daytime I recommend the Calendula & Oat body lotion suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones. If you bathe in the evenings, you must try the new Beauty Sleep body butter... zzzz...

3. It's so easy to crave and cave into eating stodgy comfort food when it turns cold but our diet has a huge impact on us in myriad ways so it's important not to let that slip. You may not feel like salads when it's cold but organic raw veg has the highest amount of super nutrients so try blending some into a soup once you've finished cooking it - stirring it in will warm it enough without blasting the nutrients. Avocado is amazing at making soups creamy like this! Soups, stews, homemade curries... these are all great options for comforting but nutritious food :) If you don't feel like you're getting all the nutrition you need from your diet then taking an organic supplement can also help such as Super Antioxidant Boost or B-Complex for energy.

4. If you're feeling under the weather then try some natural remedies before you reach for the pharmaceuticals. The first and absolutely free natural remedy is sleep - you need more of it when you're under the weather but try and make sure it's the very best quality sleep by turning off all electrical equipment in the bedroom, wifi, mobiles etc and making sure it's as dark as possible. If you still feel poorly, try Elderberry syrup for colds and flu and Eucalyptus pastilles for sore throats and help yourself back to health :)

5. If the cold is getting you down or you suffer from S.A.D. then remember the power of aromatherapy (bergamot oil is especially good for this) - aromatherapy uses the purest essence of plants to deliver powerful physical and mental benefits through application to the skin in creams and lotions and through breathing in their natural fragrance. You can achieve this in lots of ways of course with scented candles, oil burners and the fabulous aromastone from NYR, but also by putting a few drops in a bowl of water on your radiators (great to avoid the air becoming too dry too), but also by popping a few drops in your hoover bag and in your tumble dryer too! Mmmm :)

6. (I know I said 5 tips but I can't resist!!) Think organic... food, remedies, aromatherapy oils, skincare and even make-up. It's so much better for you to avoid having to process all those nasty chemicals though your system but it's also wonderful for the planet, the farmers, wildlife, the local communities and our local environment too. It's a WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN scenario and you can't say fairer than that!

Take care of yourselves, remember prevention is better than cure, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help :) You can find all the goodies I mentioned above (and loads more) here:

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