Friday, 11 October 2013

So am I still 'detoxed' 3 months on from my 30 Day programme?

If I told you I am seriously considering another detox stint then that might provide you with the answer to that question!

I have definitely made lasting and positive changes to my lifestyle and have learned a lot about myself and how to live well. A couple of top tips: stay inspired with Facebook pages, magazines, exercise buddies, fridge magnets, quote-a-day calendars, whatever it takes...

I think it's fair to say that my intensity and dedication have definitely waned, but some things have certainly become a way of life... It's hard to think about going to bed without turning off the wifi, cordless phones and putting our mobiles on airplane mode for example. Every morning we take our supplements (MY detox has become OUR detox - my unsuspecting boyfriend didn't know what hit him, bless him; at least he's as into organic optimum health as I am!) Everything we can get organic, we do.

Flat stomach post-detox
In summary, we're doing ok. Life in general has kept a pretty stressful level these last few months but I think I have a better handle on it now and I think that's down to keeping to the principles of the detox: organic, good sleep, exercise, mental 'downtime' and so on. 
Clearer skin post-detox

I've gained a few pounds... not the end of the world in itself but it's leaving me feeling sluggish and that's not a feeling I enjoy! I've been looking at my 'after' photos from the 30 mind & Body Detox I did for inspiration and hence I'm tightening the ever-loosening reins of my diet and lifestyle again and going back to basics - no sugar, wheat, processed foods, low meat and lots and lots of gorgeous veg xx

After photo
Cellulite almost gone!

This morning we started the day right; we had hot water with lemon, fresh ginger and manuka honey with our organic vegetable juice I made. (This is something we have been doing sporadically at best but this morning we both vowed it was the start of a regular morning routine.) Now it's 2pm and amazingly that has kept me going thus far! :-D

It's definitely time for lunch though and I'm thinking I should have put the oven on an hour ago for a jacket spud as I'm now facing salad on a rainy day...  

The lesson learned today? Preparation and planning is essential when you have a 'no convenience food' rule in your house!

And if you think you can't find the time to eat and live healthily now, you'd better be prepared to find the time to be ill or sickly later on.

Wish us luck...!

Sarah is an Holistic massage & beauty therapist, owner of Edge of Eden and Team Leader for Neal’s Yard Remedies. You can call her on 01277 220301, email at or comment below and she’ll get back to you x

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