Thursday, 28 March 2013

The beauty of skin - an introduction to what holds you together :)


Your skin has so many important functions that you might not even be aware of. Of course it helps to hold our insides together(!) and we know that it sweats out toxins and waste products… but did you know that it is also vital for our regulating our temperature, protecting us from bacteria and acting as a key method of absorption, helping our bodies get the oxygen, water and fat-soluble substances we need such as oils and medicines?

Our skin absorbs more than our digestive system from what we put on/in it making it absolutely vital that we are conscious of what environments we are exposed to and what products we come into contact with. If our pores are blocked with petroleum-based or other comodogenic products they cannot absorb or excrete properly; if we are loading nasty chemicals onto it we risk overloading the system or at the very least impairing it’s function. Don’t risk it!


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and has three main layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. Whilst the subcutaneous layer is largely fatty tissue, the 2 layers of the dermis have much more going on; this is where the blood and lymph vessels flow, the nerve endings are situated, where your hair follicle, sebaceous and sweat glands are and, importantly for us beauty types, where the collagen fibres are located.

What most of us think of as skin is actually the epidermis (which itself has 5 layers). Most beauty products will penetrate only the first couple of layers of this but some will reach right down to the lowest layer, the stratum corneum. Products such as oils and serums usually have a smaller particle size and therefore can penetrate deeper. Aromatherapy from essential oils can enter the blood stream this way and deliver benefits physically as well as mentally through the power of smell.

All this is great for delivering skin plumping and nourishing nutrients deep into the skin but not so good if these are being delivered by toxin and chemical laden beauty products. Do you know what’s in your creams and lotions? 

Check out this video about some of the ingredients that are really in your beauty and cleaning products. Did you know that "non-toxic" written on a bottle only means 49% or less of the laboratory animals died in testing? 
What are the mental, emotional and physical effects of everyday nasties such as brake fluid, anti-freeze and formaldehyde(!) that are regularly used in cosmetics as well as parabens and sulphates? Avoid the worry and the damage by using organic, effective, natural and healthy products from Neal's Yard Remedies.

Please note:
The information here has been taken from the online workshop I ran on Facebook on my organic NYR consultant page, Neal's Yard Remedies with Sarah where I share tips and information from my years of personal interest and my experiences as a holistic beauty therapist - if you are interested in any of the organic beauty and wellbeing products, please do visit my NYR website, or to experience organic beauty treatments please visit

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